Running without a Garmin, WHAT?

This morning I ran 6 miles on my usual trail but I did something very unusual.

For those of us who have a Garmin growing on our wrist, we don’t really think we can live without it. It pretty much determines whether I’m having a good day or a bad day on a regular basis and I’m beginning to think that’s a little unhealthy because I fell in love with running. I didn’t fall in love with my times, or my p.r’s, or my distance. I fell in love with the way that running makes me feel.

So, I took my Garmin off and I ran a little lighter today and I enjoyed myself more than I have in weeks and, i took lots of pictures.

Ream Wilson Trail

Running in Clearwater

Ream Wilson Trail

Clearwater Running Trail

Running bridgesRunning up the bridge:

Bridge Runs

Clearwater, Florida

Running FastI’ve often joked about breaking the speed limit on the trail, so I asked a friend to snap a shot by my favorite sign! Mind you, I’ve only broken the speed limit for one tenth of a mile located on a very steep downhill stretch, but I ran that tenth mile stretch at a 5:59 pace so don’t hate.

My Running TrailWhen I got back to the park entrance I checked my watch thinking I’d been gone for at least an hour and a half. But soon I realized that even though I stopped to take a ton of pics and, I stopped to talk to a few people and, I stopped to smell some flowers and to just take it all in, I ran 6 miles in 65 minutes and it was the most enjoyable 65 minutes I have had in quite a while.

Do you ever take off your Garmin and just run? How did you like it?

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