Running, Weight Lifting and planning my future races.

This morning I ran 3 miles on the treadmill. I usually take Mondays off but since we’ll be going to the cabin this weekend and I probably won’t run the whole time I’m there, I gotta get some miles in when I can. I also spent some time in my home gym this evening. Yep, I got my weight liftin on! It was only a quick session, maybe 30 minutes but it was enough to realize that dang I am weak! I better do some about that because I am making plans.

That’s right, plans. I am finally getting around to finishing my race calendar and signing up for the races I’m going to run this fall and early winter.


I’m so organized I scare myself.

I’ll try and post my calendar tomorrow or the next day but for now, it’s time to watch the Bates Motel.

Did you work out today?

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