Running in Venice Florida over the Weekend

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Saturday I ran 11 miles on the Legacy Trail toward Sarasota. Sunday I ran 4 easy miles on the Legacy Trail toward Venice. I took Monday off and today I ran 4 miles on the Ream Wilson Trail.

Running with my hydration belt.

We spent the weekend in Venice and I had an awesome time. The kid built me a sweet cake and it was very good, too good actually, I’ve almost eaten the entire thing, by myself!

Because we were in Venice, I got to run the Legacy Trail which I love to run. I still haven’t explored the entire thing yet but I’m looking forward to eventually doing so. If you live anywhere near Venice Florida you should check out this trail.

Totaling more than 10 miles in length the trail runs from just south of the city of Sarasota to Venice following the former CSX railroad corridor. Here are some of my pics from the weekend.

Legacy Trail Nokomis Florida

This is close to where I start running on the trail which is in Nokomis, Florida. You have to run over Shakett Creek which is where my house is located. On this particular day I ran the trail toward Sarasota.

Shakett Creek

Shakett CreekShakett Creek Bridge

It’s almost painful to have to run over the water and see all those beautiful views…don;t hate!

Legacy Trail

old railway

legacy trail

Unfortunately the first visible water station doesn’t come up until around mile 7 🙁

Legacy Trail Porta Potty and Water Fountain

I’ve seen everything from cranes to alligators, gopher tortoises, and bats, but on this particular day it was a little bunny.

A Bunny on the Legacy Trail

Legacy Park near Laurel Rd.

The next day I ran the trail toward Venice. It’s a short run from my house but when you get to the end of the trail you can run the Venetian Waterway.

running in venice florida

This is the portion of the trail that runs over Hwy 41.

Legacy Trail Venice

This is the Old Venice Train Depot

Venice Train Depot

Legacy Trail Venice

On this day there was a bird that stayed right with me for about 2 miles.

Florida Bird

At the end of the trail you run into the Venetian Waterway.

Venetian Waterway


I only ran a small portion of the Venetian Waterway. The trail is 10 miles with five miles of bicycle or walking trails on either side of the Intracoastal Waterway, It’s quite scenic and the next time we go to our house in Venice I plan on running it completely.

Do you have a favorite trail that you like to run?

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