Trails in Holopaw and Cabin living

We’re baaaaaaaa aaaaaaack!

I didn’t do much running but I did run 3 miles on the trail around our cabin. The trail is a mix of a dirt path, sugar sand and mud, literally. I took a few pics while I was running and later when I took the dogs for a walk.

Holopaw Trail

This is the beginning of the trail, It’s mostly grass around the cabin and not too bad.


But then it gets like this:

Sugar Sand

Sugar Sand, nice and thick.

Holopaw sugar sand

And then you get to the mud.

Holopaw Mud

And you have to watch out for things like this:

Holopaw mudder

Because Suburban Estates is actually recreational land used for ATV Riding and Hunting and Camping. And when your running around with your little Garmin being all, “hey I’m cool and I’m running a trail”, they laugh at you. It’s okay though, I’m fine with it. I may run but I also ride ATV’s, Camp and shoot with the best of them, so there!

Cabin at Holopaw, Suburban Estates

We’re making alot of progress on the cabin. I’m pretty proud of MacGyver for building it out in the middle of nowhere with no electricity. It’s amazing how much you can do with a generator.

Suburban Estates

The Cabin

Don’t get me wrong though, we still rough it. The generator and solar power only power a few lights and small appliances, and we only have a well pump which means you have to pump out water; so no showers or toilets.

Pitcher Pump and water towerThat’s our pitcher pump and in the background is our tower. Eventually we will have water in containers on the top of that tower which will allow us to have running water. To get the water in the barrels we have to use a sprinkler pump and tap into our well. Then we attach a hose and run it up to the tower. MacGyver is working on that part next. Once that’s done I’m going to try and convince him that we really need an inside bathroom. Wish me luck….

Inside the Cabin

We have a lot to finish on the inside of the cabin but we’re getting there. It takes 3 hours to get to the Cabin so we don’t go out all the time. (Did you see the toilet I bought?, It’s just sitting there, MacGyver wants to build an outhouse to put it in..did you get that? OUTHOUSE, outside *sigh).

Our Little Cabin

Boomer doesn’t mind that we haven’t finished, he has a pretty cool bed.


And Hank can reach the table:


We left before noon today. I took a cool picture of these airstreams buried in the ground on the way home. I always tell people about this awesome free attraction on the side of the road but no one ever believes me so here’s the proof:

Buried Airstream trailers

We’re all exhausted now so I’m off, but I’ll catch up with you tomorrow. I hope your Memorial Day Weekend was as enjoyable and relaxing as ours and I’d like to thank all of those who have served this country for making it possible. God Bless each and every one of you!

What did you do this weekend?

A quickie

Just a quick post…

This morning I ran 8 miles on the dreadmill. I wanted to run more but MacGyver wants to blaze a trail. Wish he got this excited about shopping!

8 miles on the treadmill

We are headed to the cabin now so I’ll catch up with you on Tuesday!

Have a great weekend.

Trail running, maybe

No workout today. I took the day off. I usually do take Friday’s off. I was going to run anyway this morning since I probably won’t run much at the cabin this weekend but we decided not to leave until tomorrow so I’m going to do a long run on the dreadmill real early…oh the drama.

We changed our plans so that we can stay all day Monday. I know, I’m indecisive and bit impulsive and kinda strange but isn’t that why you like me?

I am planning on doing a trail run Sunday morning, not because I’m all ‘hey look at me, I’m a big shot trail runner’ but because our cabin sits in the middle of 10,000 acres of recreational land. Meaning, there are no paved roads, paths, driveways or any sort of concrete, asphalt or facsimile thereof. So thats the deal. Trail run, yay.

Wanna know my secret fuel for long runs lately:

smarties and gatorade

I empty the gatorade energy chews and fill the box up with smarties….Kidding! I eat the chews and the smarties.

Hope you have a great evening and a wonderful Memorial Day!

Are you doing anything special?