I’m a sock monkey, compression sock monkey that is!

Good Day all. How’s your day going? Mine is going awesome!

This morning I walked 4 miles on my treadmill with my ankle weights. I took yesterday off. I’ve decided to take the rest of the week off from running and incorporate some other forms of cardio, weight, and resistance training. Why? I just felt the need to mix it up a bit and I also like to take a week off every now and then.

Now, in order to make your day as awesome as mine, here’s a little tip for you. If you like compression socks as much as I do,

compression socksCompression Socks Again

Pink Compression socks

black compression socksYeah, I like em just a little. So, if you like them too and you would like to get some for a great price, go here and be sure to enter code som5 for 40% off! Yeah, now how awesome is your day?

Do you wear compression socks, sleeves or trainers? What kind of socks do you wear?

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