I don’t like spiders and snakes…and that aint what it takes

Isn’t it hard getting back to business after a long weekend? Well, it is for me. I still managed to get my run in this morning; 6.11 miles in 60 minutes on the treadmill.

I need to get back outside to run but it’s so flipping hot I can’t stand it. I need some cheese with my wine…actually I just need to spruce up my treadmill, make it a little more festive….like:

Festive Treadmill

That’ll work!

On a serious note, if you live in Florida I want to remind you that as we approach the rainy season, we need to be aware of a certain type of creepy crawly critter.

Just this weekend our friends found a rattlesnake on their property which is quite close to ours. And last year I almost ran over a coral snake on two occasions, once in my local park and once more in the Florida Keys. I’ve also encountered a water moccosin. So please be careful because in Florida there are around 46 species of snakes and six of them are venomous. The picture below is a coral snake:

coral snake

It’s a good idea to know which snakes are dangerous and what they look like. Visit this page for information and pictures of the snakes that are venomous and please be careful out there.

What types of critters have you encountered while running?

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