Hump Day with Epic Bike Fail

Happy Hump Day! How’s your week going?

This morning I ran 3 miles on my treadmill before I got some work done. After spending all day on the computer I really needed to smell the trees. So, MacGyver and I headed out for a bike ride.


MacGyver is way faster than me. I try my best to keep up with him but that’s like Amanda Bynes pretending to be sane…it ain’t happenin folks!


The good thing about biking with your hubby is you can convince him to take some pics for your blog:

Tampa Bay

Safety Harbor


Unfortunately, when you’re posing for pictures and not paying attention, this happens:

Bike Fail

Yes, I fell off the bike trying to speed up a hill and smile for the camera. FAIL!

We ended up biking for 8.5 miles. I like to ride my bike for cross training. It’s a nice change up and I feel like I notice more of my surroundings, (well, except when I’m posing for pictures.)

And that was my night. Hope your having a good one.

What do you do for cross training? Ever wiped out on you bike?

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