Cleaning burns Calories

Hello, how are you?

This morning I ran 5 miles through my neighborhood trail. It was a nice run even thought it was a bit hot. Okay, a lot hot, but who’s complaining, not me, no, never.

I planned on hitting the weights again tonite but my house has been seriously neglected and needed some serious cleaning. So I spent the better part of the late afternoon and evening shampooing carpets and cleaning my house. Yeah, I know, it was big fun.

But, cleaning is my point actually and here’s my tip for Tuesday:

Cleaning the house can sometimes take priority over exercise and even though you may feel guilty because you have to wash the dishes or sweep and mop the floors instead of hitting the gym or the treadmill don’t be stressed. You’re still burning calories! As a matter of fact, mopping the floors for an hour burns 170 calories.

Now if your wondering how many calories your daily household chores burn, check out this cool site. And then, go make your bed and burn 17 more calories.

I actually like cleaning my house, how bout you? Do you like to clean?

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