Walking with ankle weights for a good leg workout.

Last Thursday I ran 5.3 miles and on Friday I ran 2. Saturday I ran 11 miles and today I ran 3 and walked 2.

I’ve been mixing in some other types of exercise since my half marathon running is on hold until August. (Not because I’m injured or anything but because its crazy hot already here is sunny, Florida). Which is why I am always wearing my Nathan Hydration Belt.

proper hydration when running

Seriously, I take this bad boy everywhere, 4 mile runs, 14 mile runs, the 200 foot walk to the garage, everywhere! Love this belt!

But getting back to the subject, I’ve been mixing up my workouts a bit. You may have noticed some recent posts about bike riding but I’ve also incorporated some weight training. Sure, I’ll be adding in some typical weight routines. We have a pretty decent home gym and MacGyver knows a lot about lifting and he helps me, and it’s fun to work out with a partner. But I also have a secret way to get in a good weight workout for my legs without having to go to the gym….


ankle weights

In truth, I’ve been using ankle weights when I walk for years but some people may not be aware of the benefits. One way to get results while spending less time on your workout is to add on weight. Not only will you burn a few more calories but you’ll also get some additional benefits in the form of strength training and depending on the amount of weight you use, you may notice your legs becoming toned a bit faster!

Of course, you need to be safe about any new routine, and anyone with existing joint issues should probably refrain from using them. If you’re unsure about using ankle weights or have never used them before, I suggest that you start out with very low weight, 1 or 2 pounds and work your way up to higher weights as you feel comfortable. I tend to use this weight routine for a few months and then I take a break for a month or two but I like to rotate it in as much as possible. You’ll need to determine what works for you but I like to walk 30-60 minutes 4 to 5 times a week. I start with 2 pound weights for the first week, then move up to 5 pound weights for the next 2 weeks. The fourth week I move up to 10 pound weights. Sometimes, I go back to 5 lbs depending on how I feel but that’s how I get a good leg workout without hitting up the gym.

What ways do you incorporate weight training into your normal routine or do you?

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