Tomorrow I’m running a Half Marathon.

Welcome to the blog……

Yeah, I know the site is not here, well not completely. Unfortunately when I moved it over, it decided not to come along, soooooo, welcome to my new blog, you know, the one that has no content….yet. GRRRRR

Quick update: I took the day off today, no running, no weight training. Just a complete rest day. Why, you may ask? Well, tomorrow I am running the Pasco Challenge Half Marathon! And I am totally excited, and nervous, and frantic, and happy, and many other things as well; but I am quite sure I’ve done all that I can do to prepare myself both mentally and physically which means that no matter what, I will be proud of myself once I cross that finish line and I’ll update with a full race recap right here.

Wish me luck. What do you do to get ready for a half marathon?

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  1. Hey Flower! It was so nice to meet you! You looked amazing and strong out there and you should have won an award! My foot totally killed me, my PF flared up and I did not do so great BUT I am resting now and probably for a bit! Love your site! Hope to see you in other races and good luck on your trail run in Tennessee!

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