Here’s the Post where I PR!

Happy Monday!

I’m taking a rest day today so no exercise. I think I deserve it 😉 Saturday I ran 13.1 miles..because I ran a half-marathon…but more on that in a minute. Yesterday I ran a really easy slow 2 miles and I probably shouldn’t have attempted that because my achilles was on fire, but I did and now I know I need a few days off!

Now,lets get back to the half-marathon…

Saturday morning I got up at 5am because we had about a 45 minute drive to the race location. I had my usualy cup of coffee in my appropriate tervis tumbler…13.1 Tervis TumblerIn case you can’t see it, it says 13.1, cute right?





After waking up MacGyver and Kid we headed off to the race. I was glad to have my guys out there to support me even though they were complaining about the cold for most of the morning. MacGyver even snapped a picture of the temperature readout in the car…Cold Morning!It was cold but it didnt feel that cold.





Once we got to the registration area I picked up my bib and goodie bag and met some of the nicest people including this girl.Johanne This is Johanne, (hey girl, stay in touch!). She is the sweetest girl and I hope I see her at Iron Girl and other races! She was super nice and this was like her 6th half marathon of the year or something like that…(hope I got that right). Anyway, talking to Johanne about running was awesome because I could tell how much she loves it and when I talk to people like her I know someone else gets me and loves running as much as I do!

After checking in, we took a shuttle to the starting line. It wasn’t far and I would have preferred to walk but MacGyver and Kid were freezing so we took the shuttle.

I decided to start off with a slow comfortable pace to see how my achilles would do.

Starting Line I look all serious here but actually I was trying to stop humming…it didn’t work. I’ll save my comments about the course for my race recap and skip that part for now. Instead, I’ll skip to the part where Up & Humming actually PR’s …YES! She does! I finished in 2:09:38. Not bad, right? I mean, there’s definately room for improvement but finishing with a pace under 10 minutes made me pretty happy! I quickly scooped up my medal as I was yelling, (like an idiot), “I just PR’d!”

I PR'd!This is Barbara, she finished just after me. Great Runner


Barbara is 65 years young and she rocked it hard core! Go girl!


And now, here is the part where I really want to toot my own horn, but really, this was a very small race and I finished 47th out of like 92 or something so it’s not like I killed it or anything…. but….I did get the silver medal in my division 🙂 So, toot toot. Go me!

Pasco ChallengeBib and medals

All in all, this was a super fun day. I love races where I meet nice people like Johanne and Barbara; and I love it when other runners motivate me and I hope I motivate them as well, because in the end, it’s not just about how fast you are, it’s about getting out there and doing something you love and being healthy and happy and having fun!



What motivates you at races? Do you prefer smaller races or larger ones?

2 thoughts on “Here’s the Post where I PR!

  1. YO girl!!! Came across your site again! It has been a year since I met you at the Pasco Challenge!!! I am famous! Thanks for including me on your site!!! You are making me want to start back up and blogging again! Somehow our running paths have not crossed again….WTH?! Anyway, taking some injury time off after running Gasparilla 1/2 a week ago, as I tore my hamstring after running the Marine Corp. Marathon in D.C. in October and doing the 13 halfs for 2013 challenge, and kept running on a bum hammy. So yes, taking it easy – I am only registered for the Spacecoast Half and I am on the NYC lottery!!! Let me know if you are near me in Tampa…we can go kayak, fish or shoot the breeze right in my own backyard!! You are just simply amazing! (IM me on Facebook!!) Take care chica!!! <3

    • Hey girl! I would love to go kayak, fish or anything! I will let you know the next time I’m out towards Tampa. I ran Gasparilla too, though I didn’t do so well. Hopefully I’ll do better in Sarasota in a few weeks. Spacecoast sounds like fun and I hope you get into NYC…that would be awesome. So glad to hear from you and we will definitely get together soon!
      P.S. You should start blogging again, definitely. 🙂

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