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Happy Tuesday to ya!

I took the day off from all exercise again today. Yeah, I know 2 days in a row! Crazy! But let’s be honest, I didn’t do it because I should have, in all fairness, it was raining so hard this morning that not even my dogs wanted to go out…well, except Hank, he’s always up for adventure..just look at him…

Happy HankThe good thing about taking a few days off is that I tend to have a little extra time in the mornings and I used that time to work with my plants. My Orchid, which only blooms once a year, bloomed this week; and my roses are going crazy!

OrchidRosesAnd because my Basil was growing out of control MacGyver made us Caprese Salad for Dinner…

caprese Salad


And I got the new Fitness Magazine in the mail today. Have you seen the April issue? Jillian Michaels is on the cover and HOLY COW, she is amazing. If she told me to jump off a bridge and I could have a butt like hers, I would! In a New York minute. Girl is in insane shape. And while we are on the subject of being in shape, have you seen Kourtney Kardashian since she had her daughter? I think she looks amazing but I read online today that Scott the Dick Disick called her fat and made her cry! What? And she weighs 115 pounds. I read that he told her he felt like 93 pounds would be ideal for her….that guy is an idiot. Even at 5 feet tall, I think 93 pounds is really skinny….that’s just so wrong.

And because this is such a random post I will leave you with my Weekly Wish, this is an adorable hand made ring I found on etsy and I just might buy it…

runners ringsIf you would like to see more of these cute inspirational rings, you can visit the etsy shop I found them in here.

Do you have a garden? What do you like to do when you take a day off from exercise?

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