Fruit that cost almost as much as precious metal, what?

So I flew into D.C. Wednesday morning. My flight arrived at 9am and I had an almost 5 hour layover. Reagan National Airport is nice enough…as far as airports go…

DC AirportOf course with an almost 5 hour layover, I got kind of hungry. I didnt really care for most of the food and the prices were ridiculous so I opted for a cup of fruit and it almost bankrupted me…8dollar fruitEIGHT DOLLARS! Actually $8.01! No, Really! $8.01 for 4 small pieces of honeydew melon, 4 small pieces of pineapple, 4 med. pieces of cantaloupe and 5 grapes. I’m still in shock. Let’s put this into perspective, shall we? 8 bucks buys a large 2 topping pizza from Domino’s! The next time I fly into D.C., I’ll pack a lara bar!

And if you’re wondering why I flew into D.C. Well, it was just a stop on the way to my final destination which is…………Tennessee! You know, because it makes perfect sense to fly from Florida to D.C. and then back to Tennessee and all in like 9 hours. Those crazy airlines, they’re just so smart…..

But I made it and I’m now I’m in Tennessee and I’ll update you more tomorrow after I finish visiting with this guy…easter bunnyThank you Easter Bunny, Bak Bak!

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