Boiled Water and a Purse Ridin Dachshund

This morning I ran 6 miles through Ream Wilson Trail and did the hill portion again…AFTER walking the dogs for a few miles. Because I just love to torture myself. KIDDING!

skapris with compression socksActually I prefer to torture the world with my insane sense of style. Yes, those are my skapris with compression socks, HELLO, why did I never think of this before. Very warm on this cool day and yet oh so comfortable. MacGyver just rolls his eyes when I roll out in the morning. I think he’s in awe.

After I made a pot of coffee and drank half of it this morning; and only just after my run when I finished my 3rd cup of water did I find out that we were under a boiled water order! It would seem that a pipe burst in the neighborhood and the water is now contaminated and should be boiled for the next 48 hours or until it tests clean. Nice. You would think they would mention that on the morning news or something, huh, one would think…

So, I made a trip to the store for some additional bottled water, just in case….Wallet, check, car keys, check, jacket, check

dachshund in purseDog in Purse, CHECK! That about sums up my day so far…now, I’m off to boil water. Momma needs clean coffee in the morning.

Does your dog ride in your purse too?

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