Easter Weekend in Venice

Yesterday I ran 6 miles in the neighborhood and it was a really nice run. Feels good to be home. I didn’t run today. Instead, Mom and I got in the car and headed down to my Venice. I had to pay the property taxes and why not wait until the very last day they are due…that’s what I always say. But since we had to come down and the Kid is off of work today and MacGyver is taking a half day we decided to spend the Easter Weekend here.

The Kid took Mom and I to lunch at Cracker Barrel, (I know, I don’t know how I got so lucky but I did, somehow despite all of my screw ups, I raised a great kid! so there is hope). After lunch, Mom and I took the little dogs to the dog beach and park. They were good for the most part. Not big fans of sand or other dogs which kind of defeats the purpose of dog beach and dog park but we tried. I think Hank had fun…he can’t talk but if he could I think he’d say it was cool…

Dachshund in the ParkSo now, Mom and I are headed out to the grocery store for some weekend food and and something to cook for Easter dinner….unless MacGyver has a hell of a fishing day tomorrow….hmmmmmmmmmmm.

What are you doing this weekend?

Random Trip Pics

This morning I ran 6 Miles in the neighborhood. Yesterday I took the day off from all exercise because I was traveling all day from Tennessee back to Florida.

We were supposed to leave around 9ish in the morning so that I could be home before it got too late but that didn’t happen. No, first Mom locked herself under the pool deck and it took me almost an hour to find her and free her and then she ran over my suitcase requiring a bit of, ahem, repacking if you will. I’m home now and in case you were wondering how Mom is gonna fare now that I’m gone….I brought her home with me! All is well.

Here are some random pics from my trip:

Me and Mom's Dog Shakespeare

Me and Mom’s Dog Shakespeare


Kaitlin's adorable Jezebel

Kaitlin’s adorable Jezebel


Me and my Sister in front of the Caves at Carter Mill.

The Mill at Carter Mill

The Mill at Carter Mill

I love this picture of my sister hiking the trail at Carter Mill.  So beautiful.

I love this picture of my sister hiking the trail at Carter Mill. So beautiful.

The best barbeque and banana pudding….EVER! No, Really.

Dead End Barbeque

Dead End Barbeque


Banana Pudding to die for!

Banana Pudding to die for!

What’s the last trip you went on and why?

Snowfall pool cleaning

This morning I ran 6 miles in 60 minutes on Mom’s trusty treadmill. I would have loved to run outside, no really, I would have but, it was 32 degrees and we had snow flurries….in March, late March! Crazy, or is it?

I think not! Crazy just might be this

Cleaning the Pool in Snow FlurriesThat’s my dear Mother….cleaning the pool while the flurries fall. You can’t really tell in the picture but it was really starting to come down. I’m not really sure why she insisted on cleaning the pool but I’m not gonna question her. And while I think she may be a little cray cray, I need to remember that we ARE from the same gene pool. If it makes any difference though, I wasn’t out there running in it!

I’ll be on the road tomorrow headed back to warmer weather! YAY!

What’s your weather like today?