Tuesday, travels have come to an end. For Now.

Pardon yesterdays dust.  It was a travel day and quite frankly I was just dead tired and when I’m that tired, I don’t trust myself to write anything but let’s recap why I was so tired because I want to tell you about the rest of my trip.

Kids place

Above is the Kid’s apartment after Mom and I helped him get it all set up and organized.  Take a close look because I’m pretty sure it will never be that clean or organized again but I believe in miracles so you never know.  (Also, that’s my Mom in the picture and it’s her birthday today so Happy Birthday Mom!)

After all the working on the apartment I was craving some Go and I wanted to see the city and the kid really wanted to show us around so he took us to German Village.

German Village Columbus

German Village

home in German village

The homes were beautiful, unfortunately we didn’t have a chance to try out any of the local businesses.  I really wanted to try out this one:

Beer Garten

Plank’s Bier Garten

We also visited a park in the German Village.  Schiller Park.

Schiller Park

I snapped this pic as we were leaving because I love the homes that surround the park but don’t be fooled by my lack of pictures, the park was gorgeous and has an outdoor stage for theatre which was pretty cool.  I was also stoked that I caught an electabuzz while I was there.

Next we drove through the Italian village for a few seconds but not long enough for me to snap pictures or form a real opinion.  We had limited time and the kid really likes Victorian Village and Clintonville and since Mom and I had already stumbled upon the later one we decided to visit Victorian Village.

I’ll spare you my gajillion home pics and share with you a picture of the park that we visited.  They had an awesome running path which was the first thing I saw.  The park is the Scioto Audubon Metro Park.  Apparently there is an obstacle course and all kinds of things but we were pressed for time and didn’t have time to see the entire park.

Scioto Audubon Park

Last we drove through the OSU Campus.

Ohio State University

OSU Columbus

There will be no pictures of the stadium.  The kid wanted me to take some but let’s face it, I’m a diehard Tennessee Volunteer regardless of the fact that I live in Florida.  You will never see another stadium picture on this blog, Ohio State or otherwise.  In my opinion, that’s treason.

After all the parks and OSU we headed back to the Kid’s place and I had to say goodbye.  It was a sad moment but I’ll go back in a few months.

Sometime that afternoon on Sunday Mom and I hit the road for Knoxville so that I could visit my brother and sister for a bit.  Driving through Cincinnati we saw the random rubber ducks again.

random rubber ducks

I googled it and found out it’s for the Rubber Duck Regatta which provides meals for hungry children.  They should do this in every city.  Besides how cute is it to see this while driving along:

find the duck

After a harrowing drive through Kentucky in which we almost got crushed by a rogue car on a trailer we rolled in to Knoxville and I got to spend some time with my brother and sister.

We left Knoxville pretty late and ended up back in Cleveland sometime around midnight.  See, I told you it was an exhausting trip!  That didn’t deter us from getting up yesterday morning and hitting up the mall before I had to get to the airport because, Priorities!

And at around 3:30 in the afternoon on Monday I was on a plane headed home.

CHA the airport

I’ll be making quite a few trips back.  Obviously.  For now, it’s time to try and get back on schedule and get caught up  because we have a storm on the horizon.  I think it’s called tropical depression 9 or something like that.  If it gets a name then we’ll worry.

Have you ever been to the German Village in Columbus?

Who is your favorite college football team?

Stinking Creek was not stinky.

Good morning from Columbus, Ohio.   We arrived yesterday around 2:30.  We had to meet with the apartment leasing office so the Kid could sign the lease and acquire all of the keys and holy key factory, there are keys for EVERYTHING.

Here are a few pictures from our journey, (mostly taken from the car so pardon the bad skills).


Tennessee sunris

The sunrise in Tennessee

Tennessee crosses

I’m not sure if all states have crosses like you see in Tennessee and Kentucky but I like it.


There is a reason they’re called the Smokey Mountains.


The kid is ahead of me in the moving truck somewhere in Kentucky.

Cincy skyline

Arriving in Ohio and straight into Cincinnati!

And now back to the keys.  There are keys for the front entrance, keys for the storage area, keys for indoor pool area, keys for the outdoor pool gate, keys for the fitness center, keys for the mailbox and finally, if you are so inclined to lock anything at this point, keys for the front door.  My mom had a great idea that we should mark the keys because they all mostly look alike.  At first we balked but then the kid and I spent 10 minutes trying to open the front door to the building and we decided to go buy a sharpie.  Best. Decision. Ever.

We arrived with a truck full of furnishings and such so the kid had hired a guy who owns a hauling and moving service to help unload all of the heavy things like the sofas and dresser and things like that.  We had called him on the way to Columbus to tell him that we were a bit behind because when you are traveling by car, you never get there when you think you will and that six and a half hour trip turns into 8 hours.  Map quest, garmin and all the other gps gadgets do not account for pee breaks, gas stops and the occasional quest for a restroom which takes you off the main interstate down into Pleasant Valley and into the town of Stinking Creek, but I digress.

Stinking Creek

We got here and called the moving and hauling guy who finally arrived just before 5PM.  Apparently traffic is also horribly bad in Columbus.  For the next two hours the Kid, my mom, and mostly I unloaded the truck with occasional help from said mover.  He mostly checked his phone and sat down telling us how he thinks he has adrenal exhaustion.    Let this be a lesson, hiring a mover from a craigslist ad may not be the best of ideas.


Once we got the truck unloaded we worked until 2AM sorting and moving boxes around so the next two days will involve lots of unpacking, placing and constructing.  It should be a shit ton of fun.  If you didn’t sense the sarcasm in that well, something is wrong with you…or maybe you like this sort of thing and in that case come on over and help.  Well just be over at Starbucks fueling up for the excellent shopping we discovered last night.

One last thing.  Last night I told MacGyver that I was missing Hank and Boomer and this morning I woke up to the most classic Hank ever.

Hank the Dachshund

Best. Picture. Ever. Classic Hank with a face that begs to be nuzzled up to.  and rather large nuts.

Y’all have a fabulous day, I’ll catch up with you soon.

How often have you moved in your adult life?

Do you like moving or hate it?

Thursday from Cleveland, Tennessee not Ohio

The first leg of our trip is over and it only took 12 hours.  The actual time it should have taken us was 10 hours but my bladder is the size of a pin head so there’s that.

Anywho, today is the second leg and we will end up in Columbus sometime late in the afternoon.  Right now we are at my Mother’s house in Cleveland, Tennessee.

Here are a few pictures from the first leg of the tour and some lessons I learned.


The rest areas in Florida are hella scary!


If you drive a moving truck along the interstate you must stop at every damn weigh station along the way.

On a side note, if you look incredibly innocent, you will be searched.


Atlanta does have a hell of a skyline.  I’d love to see it by foot because I have come to realize that I prefer my legs as a mode of transportation above all else.  Period.


No matter what time or how tired you are, you always perk up when you roll through your home state.

And when you’re exhausted an worried about your kid and questioning life in general, things like this appear out of nowhere and you realize you always have a friend.


And the most important thing I learned during this trip is that if you plan on listening to music and you don’t entirely love the Lumineers with all your heart, then maybe you might want to listen to a podcast instead.


Because ear worms happen.

O OH Phelia, you’ve been on  my mind girl since the flood….

Make it stop.

It’s 6AM and time to hit the road.

When is the last time you took a road trip and where did you go?