Thursday and I’m so thankful

So remember how I said I liked the show Bloodline? If not you may want to just ignore this post.

Bloodline is shot on location in the Florida Keys and I happen to be down here right now.  In one episode they go diving at Dry Rocks reef. Tell me does this look familiar?




I’m having a blast!  We went snorkeling all day yesterday.  It is so beautiful. Unfortunately I’m having to update from my iPhone  because the condo wifi isn’t working all that well.

I’ll have more pics soon and video, in the meantime, I’ll be doing more of this…..

I hope your week is as wonderful as mine!

You got served!

Yesterday MacGyver had Jury Duty which totally cracked me up. If you know MacGyver, you’d know why.  Anyhow, he really didn’t want to go and was asking me how to get out of it.

I’m somewhat of an expert in the field of jury duty since I’ve been picked to go countless times, gotten out of it a few, and even been chosen as a juror.  In fact, once I was on the jury of a murder trial AND I was the foreperson.

Since I’m an expert, I told him to wear this shirt:

get out of jury duty

He didn’t of course.

He was there for several hours before I heard from him and then when he did call I asked him what the case was about.  I could tell he was uncomfortable with the question but I thought I could break him.  I asked again.  “Is it a high profile case?”  “Is it a murder case?”  Is it a case I’ve heard about on T.V?”

Finally, I said, “Oh, I guess you can’t tell me huh?”  And then he replied, “NO, especially when the judge and the attorneys are RIGHT HERE!”

He could not and would not be broken, right then, but let this be a lesson, you do not want MacGyver on your jury, because….ME.  Unless you want a hung jury, it’s best not to pick MacGyver because I will not give up…..I will poke and probe until I get some answers, it’s nothing personal.  It’s just my natural personality.

Anyway, MacGyver was there all damn day long and we were  seriously on the wire because we were pretty sure he would be picked which was really bad for reasons other than, it’s jury duty.

Anyway, at 5pm, I got the news:

no jury duty


And in case your wondering, the answer to all three questions that I had asked was yes.

Have you ever been selected for jury duty?