Rockin the mullet way before Billy Ray

Last Monday my mom sent me this picture with a message that said ‘here’s a pic for throwback Thursday.’

throwback thursday

I showed it to MacGyver who immediately said, ‘does she know today is Monday?’ and I said, ‘that’s just how we do things.’

That’s me on the left, sporting the almost mullet before mullet’s were even a thing because I’m cool like that.  I’m not sure what my mom was thinking with my hair, or my sister and brother’s bowl cut’s, but dayum our bangs were on point.  Also, as an fyi, my brother and I are not wearing lip gloss, we just have some seriously moist lips.

My hair is much lighter now due to chemical intervention but it’s still bone straight and fine.  It’s usually pretty easy to style my hair, I just blow dry it and go, except, I live in Florida.  Here’s one word for you, humidity.  I walk out with straight styled hair and end up looking like a chia pet in 60 seconds flat and that’s on a good day.  Every. Damn. Day.


Happy Thursday.

WTF Wednesday, What if?

I need to run to the post office today to mail my nephew his mouse for his computer, which unfortunately will not work in Virginia from my home in Florida.  I  also need to mail my sister in laws’ bible, which is code for the constantly growing, never ending, to do list.  I know how important those are because I have one too.

Anyway, they left them at my house by mistake and I need to go to the post office to mail them back and I wasn’t sure what time I should go and all I can think about is this video.

If you haven’t watched Whoa Susannah, you need to, she’s hilarious and I’m convinced that in real life, we’d be besties.  I mean what if, right?

You know who I’m glad I’m not besties with?

This girl.

WTF?  That girl needs a new friend because the one in the video is a jerk.  I mean, what if she died for Christ’s Sake?

Last weekend my brother in law posted this meme on his facebook page and it asked to keep it going in the comments.  It was hilarious.  So I wanted to post it here to see just what you guys can come up with.

What if the Grove is really in the butt?

Extra bonus points if you crack me up and that’s hard to do y’all.  Take the challenge, go ahead, you know you want to.

WTF, it’s Wednesday, what have you got to lose?

A new cream, peacocks, and a little surgery, it must be Tuesday

In case you weren’t aware, today is the second day of Palindrome Week.  A palindrome means the numbers read the same forward as backward.  It’s not really as rare as you would think but still, it’s pretty cool.

Palindrome week

I mentioned yesterday that I have a jacked up Rhombus muscle.  Well, the doctor told me to use ice and heat and try not to spend so much time on the computer.


Oh sure, no problem.  I’ll just stop working. But seriously, since I work on a computer for most of the day I needed to find something that would alleviate the pain and I found the best thing ever.

I went to Wal-Mart to look around and I was just about to pick up some more biofreeze when I found this new version of it.


Y’all this version is by far the best ever.  It’s a cream instead of gel but more importantly it is twice as strong.  It lasts for hours and I am so happy with it.

I would like to mention that as a precaution if your husband applies this for you make sure he washes his hands thoroughly, and maybe even twice, before going to pee….otherwise his junk might be on fire for an hour or two.  I’m not sayin how I know this but just trust me on this one.

And while we’re on the subject of all my ailments, I got the results of an ultrasound that my doctor ordered for what she thought was an enlarged lymph node on the back of my neck.  Turns out it’s actually a subcutaneous nodule and now she would like to remove it and biopsy it in the hopes that it may help us figure out, or at least give us clues, as to what is going on with my body systemically.  So yeah, big fun.  I am currently awaiting a call from the surgeon.

I’m running this week.  Just three miles a day but it feels sooooo good.  And this morning, this guy flirted with me……


He’s a looker but I’m not taking him home.  I think we have enough pets for now.

Do you use biofreeze?

Have you tried the new cream biofreeze?