Friday with favorites and a fishbowl!

It’s Friday and I couldn’t be more excited. Yes I could, but we’ll go with that anyway. In truth the real thing that has me excited is the weather that’s coming down our way this weekend.

Look at this gloriousness, I cannot wait!

MacGyver has decided to go to the cabin because it’s probably the last weekend of cool weather we’ll be having until next winter. Mom and I are heading down to Venice because she is only here for another week and we like hanging out down there a lot. I’m seriously looking forward to running on the Legacy Trail especially in 50 degree weather, woot woot!

Since we’re talking about things that have me excited, let’s talk about this awesome video.

That video is on fleek!

I ordered 4 new t shirts this week and I seriously cannot wait to get them. I ordered these 3 first:

New T shirts

But then I found this one and went back and added it:

bwah ha haBecause I love it!

I ordered them all from look human. You can find them on their website, here.

And before I go, let me tell you about one other favorite thing that I discovered last weekend and I’ll be enjoying again this week.

fish bowl drinkThat my friends is a drink called a fishbowl and just for you, in honor of the weekend, here is the recipe:
10 Oz. Vodka
10 Oz. Coconut Rum
6 Oz. Blue Curacao
12 Oz Sweet and Sour Mix
2 Cups of Pineapple Juice
Mix all together.
Use 3 small fish bowls and line the bottoms with nerds candy and ice. Fill the fish bowls with the drink mix above and then drop 3 Swedish fish and 3 lemon slices to each bowl. Pour a little sprite in each drink for bubbles.
And there you have it! Not only does it look cute, it taste ah-mazing! Enjoy.

What are you doing this weekend?
What was your favorite thing this week?

WTF Wednesday – Is anyone watching?

Y’all know I love me some Norman Reedus and just when I thought I couldn’t love him anymore, I saw this photo on his Instagram feed:

Norman ReedusNorman you are just the coolest!

Have you ever seen the show Southern Charm? I am in no way ashamed to admit that it’s my secret indulgence. It’s about the personal and professional lives of several socialites living in Charleston, South Carolina. The cast includes a former MTV Real World cast member, a filmmaker, and a political hopeful who is a former state treasurer, who resigned after being indicted on drug charges and spending 10 months in federal prison.   It’s reality gold y’all!

Southern Charm

This show is chock full of drama but my favorite cast member by far is Patricia Altschul, the fourth wife of Arthur Altschul and a South Carolina socialite. She is a pill!

P. Altshul

Thanks to her I have added several new words and phrases to my everyday vocabulary including, cartini, shameless strumpet, opium den genre, and it’s time for my medicine. In my next life, I want to be Patricia Altschul!

You may remember that MacGyver, my Mom, and I went to a shit ton of garage sales this weekend but what I didn’t tell you is that I found another treadmill. In case you’re new here, mine broke several months ago and MacGyver removed its innards and turned it into a windmill and I was having a hard time finding a new one.

We don’t just go to the store and buy fancy, expensive pieces of equipment. Read: We are cheap! Anyway, since we bought it down in Venice we had to get it back home to Clearwater and that meant that MacGyver and I would have to load it into his truck and at 220 pounds, that was no small feat.

I lift heavy things

I suggested that we pick up the heaviest end first and sit if on the bed of the truck and then we could wrap a rope underneath the other end of the treadmill and grasp each side to lift the treadmill up into the bed of the truck, (because I’m pretty smart.)

MacGyver agreed and we prepared to lift the treadmill. We got it into position and just as we were ready to begin MacGyver said, “Wait!”

ME:             What? Why?

MacGyver: Did you just look back at the neighbor’s house to see if anyone was watching?

ME:             Possibly. Maybe….Okay, yes, yes I did. If I’m going to lift 220 pounds I’m gonna make damn sure somebody sees me do it!

MacGyver: Well, are they watching?

ME:             They are now.

MacGyver: Well lets do this before they look away.

It’s so nice to have a man who understands me and I just wanted to share my thoughts with all of you because, WTF, It’s Wednesday!

Have you ever seen Southern Charm?
What’s your secret TV Show obsession?