Thursday things

This morning I slept in a little bit but then I got really motivated and decided to do a progression run because, progress!

This was the overall result,

five mile runBut these were my splits,

running splits

And that my friends, is what a typical progression run looks like for me.  And it felt pretty good.

I came home and checked my email and while I was reading through the news I came across this picture and of course it caught my eye…

dog in yearbookNow, who can say they have ever had a yearbook photo that looked that good, ever?

Y’all, if you read anything today, click on this link to read the story about the heartwarming reason that the school decided to put this dog’s picture in the yearbook.  It’s a beautiful story.

How often do you run progression runs?

WTF Wednesday, Rollin with my Homie

We have a huge oak tree in our back yard and earlier in the year I noticed that one of the limbs was about to fall so I mentioned it to MacGyver.  He scoffed and said that the tree was old but very sturdy and it wasn’t going anywhere, but since I’m the one who loves to garden and I’m always working in the yard I knew it was cracked and about to fall.  I knew it.


It was a mere week later when MacGyver was at work and I was in the backyard by the fire pit throwing some sticks from the yard in there when I thought I heard a crack.  The next thing I remember is waking up on the ground beside a very large tree limb.  I had quite a bump on my head but I was okay.  When MacGyver got home I told him what happened and yelled at him for not cutting down the obviously weak limb and then I told him that the other side of the tree also had a weak limb and I thought it should be cut down as well.  His solution, don’t walk under the tree.

A few months later Mom and I were outside and I was walking out in the back yard and guess what fell?  Yep, the other tree limb!  I called MacGyver to let him know and he said, ‘I told you to stay away from that tree!’


How about we trim the tree?

So let’s skip ahead to current time and two days ago when I’m casually walking out to my she shed to get something.  My she shed is on the other side of the yard, the OTHER side, in the dog’s yard.  Hank and I were in there and I was just about to open the door to my shed when I felt the whip of a branch down my back and a loud bang and then, the ground shook.

It took a moment for me to realize what had happened but then I freaked out because I realized a tree had fallen and it had fallen on little Hank.

Fortunately, Hank was fine and more concerned about me as he jumped and maneuvered his way through all of those branches.  Afterwards, still shaking, I ran into the garage and told MacGyver what happened and brought him over to show him the tree and the damage.  His response was, ‘stay out of the back yard.’


Obviously we aren’t going to be trimming the precious freakin trees!

In case you didn’t see my Instagram post on Monday, this is what it looked like,

Monday Run

And I show you this because this is what Tuesday looked like,

tuesdays run

You have no idea how hard I had to work to get that extra calorie and if you’re wondering why I tried so hard, I kid you not, Sympathy for the Devil was randomly playing on my Pandora station!

One more thing for you today.  I’ve got a Woody update and you can really see the red in his head now.


My little Woodpecker baby is all grown up!

And this is my favorite picture of me and Woody so far, I call it Rollin with my homie!

I’m thinking of making this my new Instagram profile pic, it’s pretty epic.

WTF, it’s Wednesday!

The end to a Rite of Passage…

When I was a kid going to a concert was a rite of passage.  It was something you looked forward to until you could actually go by yourself.  When the day finally came and your parents actually dropped you off and told you where to be for the pickup, you were more excited about the prospect of going than for the actual concert itself.

Concert time

I remember it seemed like it took forever to convince my parents that going to a concert was a good idea and the convincing came from the unlikeliest of sources, my Mamaw.

We used to go to my Mamaw’s house every Friday and I remember sitting in her dining room and she was talking about a concert that she had been to.  She said that she had only ever loved two men in her whole life, my Papaw and Mel Tillis, and she said it while she was sporting a MMMMel Tillis concert T-shirt.

I used her story as leverage, not the lovin’ two men part but the going to a concert part, and it worked.  I told my parents that if my Mamaw could go to a concert then surely it was safe enough for me to go.  Of course back then about the worst thing my parents had to worry about was whether or not I would take drugs or leave with somebody, and they hoped they had brought me up to know better.   I didn’t always make the best decisions but I wasn’t stupid either.

brain freeze

I mostly stayed away from the hard stuff.

As I got older I started to prefer smaller shows and even now, when MacGyver and I occasionally go to a concert, we prefer intimate settings like small theaters over large arenas.  Maybe we’re just old.  If MacGyver’s hearing and my eyesight is any indication, well, we’re old.

dancing granny boss

I don’t care, I’m still a dancing granny boss, just maybe not yet a granny and I dance at home now, (mostly to avoid embarrassing the family).

MacGyver and I were watching the news last night and we saw the tragedy occurring in Manchester.  It was heartbreaking.  I thought about what those parents must be going through and it is gut wrenching.  These are not the concerts that I dreamed about when I was younger, that my kid dreamed of, and I’m sure it’s not what those children dreamt of either.  What is wrong with this world?   Why are people so broken?

This is not the same rite of passage anymore…..

If you feel inclined to do so, you can donate or share the donation page set up by Manchester Evening News by clicking here.