A bra that can fix your posture and some other things.

It’s Thursday, time for me to reflect and take a look at some of the things that have inspired me recently or piqued my interest, so much so in fact that I like to share.  Here we go.

I love reading the instagrams, tweets, and blogs of Olympians.  When you need a little motivation, who better to get inspiration from than some Olympic athletes.

OlympianCheck out these 13 fitness pics/tweets/instagrams from some Rio bound athletes.

Do you tend to get a little obsessed with the number on your scale?  I will be the first to admit that I do.  I know better but it still gets me and if I’m not careful it can sabotage me.  I found this article very motivating and it reminded me just how unimportant the scale really is.

awesome absAnd besides, did you see her abs?  Holy shit!  Click here to read the full article.

I’m always looking for ways to style my longish hair without spending a ton of time doing so.  I like to look high maintenance with low maintenance effort.  When I saw how gorgeous this girls hair is, I was instantly jealous.

beautiful hairBut then I found out, she got that look with kitchen sponges.  For real.  With my OCD that is the one thing I have tons of.  I’m going to try it this weekend and I’ll let y’all know how it works.  Click here to learn how to do it yourself.

Do you ever read the best of craigslist ads?  Some of them are hilarious, like this one that I just saw yesterday.  I’m not sure if it’s serious or sarcastic but then she does have the massive Golbat tattoo.

Since discovering how badly my back is jacked up, I’ve been looking for anything I can get my hands on to help me strengthen my back and correct my posture and improve my imbalances.  I recently saw an article about a bra that helps correct posture.  A. BRA!

posture fixing braI’ve ordered it.  I’ll let you know.  If you want to know more, you can read about it here.

This lady is amazing and not because she can dance like someone half her age or even because of her age, she’s turning 98 very soon…..

oldest yoga teacherNo, Tao Porchon-Lynch is amazing for so much more, including the fact that at almost 98 she is the World’s oldest yoga teacher still teaching up to 8 classes a week.

Now that is inspirational!

Tell me about something that inspired you recently.

WTF Wednesday, it’s Squirtle’s fault.

I had every intention of updating yesterday, I really did.  I got up, got dressed, and walked out the door bright and early.  I went out for a five mile walk and as I walked I played Pokemon Go and that’s when the trouble started.

I went on a bender.

Pokemon Go bender

A Pokemon Go bender!

Pokemon Go froze up about a mile in and I had to restart it at least 4 times.  It wasn’t going too good and I hadn’t found that many pokemon.  Because my bag was full the pokestops weren’t giving me all that many experience points but it all changed at a pokestop when someone put out a lure.  I found a Machop and then an oddish and finally a pidgey in a very short time.  I had to have more.  I needed rare ones.  I hatched an egg and a Squirtle was born.  I couldn’t go back.  I had to go on.  I had to have more.

Before I knew it I had missed an early conference call, forgot to go to the bank and I was late for an early afternoon meeting.  OOPS.  The good news is that I’m almost at level 15 and I’ve got over 60 pokemon.  So, worth it!

We have a mud jeep that we take to the cabin when we want to go 4-wheelin.  We also have ATV’s and motorcycles which is why MacGyver decided he didn’t really need mud tires for his truck anymore and he asked me to put them on Craigslist to sell.

They’re hardly used and in great shape so MacGyver said sell them for 400 bucks and make sure you say cash only.  So, I posted this:

craiglist adI got my first reply this morning:

Stupid people

I should have kept playing Pokemon Go…


WTF, it must be Wednesday!

Have you ever advertised something on Craigslist?

beep, beep, beep, BAM!

Because there have been so many break-ins in our neighborhood recently, MacGyver installed a bell-type alarm/alert system.  It’s like an Alarmalerter but that’s not what it’s called.

word baller

I call it the Alarmalerter anyway because I’m a baller.

Anywho, the purpose of the Alarmalerter is to inform you when someone pulls into the driveway by emitting a series of short beeps.  The short beeps sound more like a door bell hyped up on Adderall and utilizing a megaphone.  It didn’t really matter at first because it hardly ever went off but that was then.

MacGyver decided it wasn’t sensitive enough so he moved it around and adjusted it, just so.  And then he went off to work.

That damn Alarmalerter goes off every time a god damn bird or a squirrel goes by not to mention the hundreds of cars that pass by every day.   It’s annoying the living crap right out of me right now and it’s about to sail through the door at any time.

And one more thing.   I couldn’t show you before because it was a gift for a friend but I was working on a new project for the last few months with the beads and the resin on glass. I was pretty pleased with the final outcome and I think she was too.

This is what I made for my friend.

Peacock craft

Can you find the sharks tooth?  You know I hide one in every design.

MacGyver wants me to make him a super grand slam with a trout, snook, redfish and grouper.  (That’s the four specific fish that you have to catch in a single day to make a super grand slam.)


That’s all I got.  I’ma bout to strangle a beeping damn white box!

What throws you off and distracts you when you’re trying to work?