An alligator and a Stick bug walk into a park….

I had to get my miles in this morning and since I’m not running but I am walking I figured I might as well go take a stroll through one of my favorite parks, Kapok Park.

kapok park

Forgive the blurriness but it’s oh so hard to take a picture and capture a weedle at the same time.  Trust me, those boogers like to hop!  Anyways, I haven’t been to the park in a while.  The last few times I was there I ran across people who gave me the creeps and since I run alone most days I decided to err on the side of caution.

Photograph by Craig Fox/

Photograph by Craig Fox/

(I’ve been dying to use that picture, hilarious!)

But not today, today I decided to do as my man Casey from Texas Flip and Move says and “Risk it to get the biscuit.”  And so at 6:35AM this morning I headed to the park.  Fortunately, I did not see any creepers today.

I did however see many bunnies, a rather large alligator and a weird bug.  The bug looks like a stick bug and I’m pretty sure it was.

stick bug

I christen thee, Kapok Park Bug

I was going to ask some of the people who ran, walked, or biked by me but I think they all thought it was strange that I was taking a picture of a bug on the trail when there were so many alligators, turtles, ducks and birds all around.

What can I say?  I like bugs.

If you ran in Florida would you worry more about the alligators the weird bugs or the mosquitoes?

Thursday things and Pokemon Go fragrance (for real)

Do you think it’s harder to lose weight as you get older?  It is, but don’t tell that to Diane Naylor of Oakhurst, Ca. because at age 59 and weighing in at over 300 pounds she decided to do something about it.  Two years later and 177 pounds less, Diane is a success story.  And then some.

Weight lossRead more about her story here.

Are you in good shape?  I mean really good shape.  Can you touch your toes?  Do you sleep like a baby?  Did you know those are signs of what shape you’re in?

If you wanna know what kind of shape you’re currently in, you might like this article I found on The Cheat Sheet.

are you in good shape

I’ve seen a lot of weird things while out running and walking.  Yesterday was no exception.  I thought I heard something strange on the basketball court and when I crossed the bridge over the court I looked down and saw this:

bird plays bball

Who brings a large exotic bird to play basketball? Someone who lives in Florida of course!

One last item of interest for all of the Pokemon Go fans.  Did you know they just released a fragrance?  Seriously, it’s unisex and supposedly smells like hints of orange and vanilla.

Pokemon go fragrance

It’s available here but unfortunately it’s sold out right now.  If you don’t like the smell it’s probably not worth the eleven or twelve dollars that it retails for.  I realize that’s affordable for almost anyone but it doesn’t work as a lure or incense and it wont help you catch a charizard so, I’ll probably pass.

What do you think about the new Pokemon Go fragrance?  Will it be a hit or miss?

WTF Wednesday Pokemon Go, I am not slow!

I probably don’t need to keep telling you this but due to my neck and back issues, I’m not running right now but that doesn’t mean I can’t still get miles in.  I just have to walk instead and since I’d rather be running I had to find something to make the walking fun.  Enter Pokemon Go.

Pokemon expectations

Even though I’m walking, I still want to feel like I’m getting a good workout in and Pokemon Go can sometimes make that a little hard to do.  It would be even harder if I were trying to run.  I was thinking about that today and I’ve come to realize that Pokemon Go is not for runners.

First of all, when you’re running the last thing you really want to do is stop.  We don’t even like to stop for red lights and stop signs so I can’t imagine runners actually stopping to catch a bulbasaur.  Especially if you already have one, or four.


And here’s the thing, if you do stop to get that bulbasaur or any another Pokemon you can still miss it or worse, sometimes you catch them and the little boogers pop back out of the ball.  I swear.  What runner do you know are going to slow down or stop just to put that damn bulbasaur in the ball over and over again until it finally works.

Okay they might if it’s a rare one.  Or a really cute one.  Okay, I admit it, I did stop for Jigglypuff but I mean, Jigglypuff, worth it!


And you have to stop at the pokestops to get pokeballs and other items.  If you go too fast you miss them.  If I’m running and I can actually get the phone out and find the pokestop and then manage to run my finger across the screen to spin it and then finally pop the bubbles, I better not get a message telling me I’m too far away or to try again later!

And the most infuriating thing is the hatching of the eggs.  This is the concept that I started playing Pokemon Go for.  As you walk your eggs are incubating and when you hit a 2K, 5K or 10K they hatch. I was pretty sure this would keep me walking and I was pretty stoked to use it when I can run again because if that’s how you get the rare pokemon, I’m gonna rock this game.

But then I realized the system wasn’t all that accurate.  In fact, it’s flawed!  I know this because, like most runners, I keep track of that sort of thing.  When I would hit 5K I would look to see why the egg hadn’t hatched and sometimes it would say 4.9 and once it said 3.2.

Any runner who’s been running for any length of time has some sort of tracking app or watch or two, you know, for analysis and shit.  If you’re serious about your miles, you compare.  I compare stats all the time and I happen to use the Holy Grail of all running gear, the beloved Garmin, and any runner can tell you Garmin doesn’t lie.    It never lies.

And as further proof that Pokemon Go is not suited for runners, I submit to you the pokemon that I got today after a particularly hard mile in which I walked faster than I ever have before.


WTF It must be Wednesday!

Even though I won’t use it running I will continue to play Pokemon Go because I’m seriously addicted.

Do you play Pokemon Go?
What level are you?
Have you joined a gym (a Pokemon Go gym) and if so which one?  (I’m Team Mystic)